Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing Trends

Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing Trends

Over the past few years, we have seen significant advancement in social media marketing, and the COVID pandemic has shifted these trends in 2021. These shifts are overwhelming, so you need to identify how they can help you grow your business. Moreover, you need to find out how you can improve your marketing strategy. So, do you want to know the social media trends and opportunities in 2021? If yes, then keep reading this article.


7 Social Media Trends and Opportunities

There are many new opportunities to grow your business, but these are the 7 most important social media trends:

  • 1.    Live Streaming

Now you can build connections with people easily by going live, and it can help you communicate with people face-to-face. Live streaming has become an important trend in 2021, and it’s also playing a significant role in 2021. Live streaming can help you increase engagement; therefore, it’s at the top of the trends. If you have a busy schedule, try to go live at least once a week, and don’t forget to add a call to action at the end.  

  • 2.    Offer Free Stuff 

 The call to action button helps you build relationships with customers. When you offer something for free, you build a list of potential customers. Offering something for free doesn’t mean that you need to offer physical products. You can provide tutorial guides, free reports, behind the scene glimpses for free to increase your audience's trust in your brand.

  •  3.    Build Your Loyalty with Videos

 Nowadays, it’s easy to build your online presence and build loyalty with videos. YouTube is the best option for this task. Personality-driven content can help you brand your business professionally. So, be authentic when you share your videos because your personality is your brand reflection. Along with YouTube, you can share your videos on IGTV, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest.

  • 4.    Carousels Can Help You Stand Out on Instagram and LinkedIn

Why do you need to settle for static things when there is an option of carousals on LinkedIn? If you’re creative, there is an opportunity for you to share slide shows, and it ensures that you stand out from text-based posts and build brand awareness.
Carousel posts can generate interest because they’re eye-catching and dynamic visual displays. You can use the same approach on Instagram. For example, the user doesn’t click the lead image and keeps scrolling; the second image will be displayed on their feed. It means there is a second opportunity for your brand to get engagement.  

  • 5.    Audio-Visual Content Gets More Attention Than Links 

 Use audio-video content to get customer attention on social media platforms. Customers don’t feel good when you redirect them to your website. Advertiser’s campaigns are the best option to sell your services and goods on social media without redirecting them to your website. You can put a comment under the post containing your website so that they can visit your site to know more about your business.  

  • 6.    Timing Is Crucial 

If you want your post to be viewed by more people, the first ten minutes after posting the content are crucial. Therefore, try to get more engagement on the post by tagging people. If you go live once a week, ensure that you do it on the same day and same time every week. You can share your live streaming details earlier before you want to go live.  

  • 7.    Ask Questions to Encourage Engagement 

 If you want to increase engagement and open the door of communication, you need to ask questions. Ensure that the question is interesting so that people can share their thoughts. Make people curious by sharing engaging questions.
So, these are the latest trends and opportunities to grow your marketing strategy in 2021.



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