The importance of marketing

 Starting a business is one of the most important moments for anyone, but it is essential to know some techniques and tools that will allow us to grow the business. On the other hand, a company is not only about making money but also about satisfying an audience's needs and creating a brand that people feel identified with.
Do you not know how to position a brand in the market? Don't worry because there are tools that allow you to set a brand from scratch and increase sales considerably. We know this sales tool as "marketing," but many confuse it with "advertising."
If you think that marketing is synonymous with advertising, no problem. Next, we will talk much more about the importance of marketing, and we will know a little more about its definition.

 What is Marketing?

Before discussing the importance of marketing, we must first know its meaning and the objective of these strategies.
Marketing is a set of tools and strategies to meet the needs of a market, segment it and create value for those we want to sell a product. Although many people confuse marketing with advertising, we can tell you that advertising is just a marketing strategy to generate sales.
When a company creates a marketing plan, it is not only about seeking to sell products but about knowing the target audience much more and finding ways to satisfy the needs that this public has in common. If a company did not have a marketing plan, it would likely suffer severe economic losses due to not having studied the market beforehand.

 Why is it important to use Marketing in a business?

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the contribution that marketing can bring to their businesses, so growing becomes an almost impossible task for them. On the other hand, companies that use a structured marketing plan have more opportunities to generate sales and always know their customers' needs.
If we want to understand a little more about the importance of this tool, we must understand how a marketing plan is carried out:

  1. Perform a general analysis of the current state of the company
  2. Analyze the current situation of your direct competition
  3. Establish the objectives of the Marketing Plan and what segment of the
    audience you want to reach. Remember that all products are aimed at a
    specific audience
  4. Structure a marketing plan with strategies that you must follow consecutively. It can be similar to structuring a project
  5. Review the results, create corrections and implement the changes to obtain the best results of the initial plan

Taking into account the previous structure, we will mention some of the
reasons why a company should have a correctly established marketing plan

  • Allows you to build a direct relationship with the public
  • It helps to have a clear vision of the market, its actual needs, and the best opportunities to invest
  • It keeps consumers informed and makes them part of the brand you are creating.
  • It increases sales considerably because we give the customer exactly what he wants
  • Avoid bad investments and clarify ideas. An example: if a person wants to set up a store of
  • winter coats in the desert, it is most likely that he will not sell as many as in places with snow
  •  It allows a business to grow sustainably and with a good position in the market


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